Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sketch Book- A Charm To Make It My Own

Last week I started the Online Card Classes' Kick Start Class.  I've taken several of their classes and I've loved every one of them {I highly recommend them}.  I won't go in to the content of this class, but the first couple of lessons were about organizing your ideas.

My own process for brain storming often includes sketching ideas and brainstorming in a notebook of some sort.  Usually, I grab the nearest thing I can find and start sketching and jotting down ideas.  But I was really inspired to have a dedicated journal for my creative crafty stuff.  So I went in search for the perfect journal....and I found it....at Staples {It's the Arc notebook system by M}.  The system itself is great, but I really felt like the journal needed a little embellishment to make it my own.  I didn't want to make it anything permanent....so I began to brainstorm and came up with this idea. 

I go into quite a bit of detail in the video about this notebook system.  I'll also walk you through the creation of my non permanent embellishment of the journal.  Adding the charm and belly band was the perfect touch that this journal needed to make it feel more me.

My favorite part about this notebook that I found is the ability to customize it.  It changes with me.  And I wanted an embellishment for the front of it that would be easy to remove and change if I get sick of it. We all go through phases.  Why not plan for it?

I hope you are having a great week!  I am spending my next couple of days off at home, crafting and doing laundry.  I am working on some Christmas and winter projects and it's 98 degrees outside!  It would be much more inspiring if it was cold and rainy out!  I sure hope it cools down soon!  

Have a wonderful week!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Make A Wish Cupcake Card- One Card Two Ways

Hi everyone!  I hope you are having a great week!  It was my intent to get this post and video up earlier in the week....but things don't always go as planned.

This will be a quick post.  There's a video below walking you through the entire creation of this card.   I have included links to all the products used in this video below as well.

I set out to create a card that could easily be slightly changed and go from girl card to boy card.  And you'll see pictures of both color schemes that I used to achieve this.

Don't forget, when shopping at Lifestyle Crafts you can use coupon code GLITTER to save 20% off of your order!

I hope you have a wonderful day!  Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gold Chevron Grateful For You Card-Goin' Gold Campaign

Hello everyone!   I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend.  I know a lot of you are just sending your kids back to school....but mine have been in school for almost a month now!  It was a nice long weekend for them.  But it was a busy one!

Today's card is a very special card.  I made it for the Goin' Gold Campaign.  September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and the symbol for childhood cancer is the gold ribbon.  So I have created this card using lots of gold {glitter}.  It was a mess....but so much fun!  Every now and then, I just like to make a mess when I'm crafting.

I used the Chevron Border Die from Lifestyle Crafts to cut a bunch of the chevron shapes and then sprinkled {okay doused} them in gold glitter.  There was a glitter cloud in my craft room that day!

I have a video below walking you through the entire creation of this card.  I have linked the products used in this video below as well.  I hope you enjoy it!

Remember, Gold Ribbons are the symbol for childhood cancer awareness.  You can visit the Goin' Gold Campaign here.  Don't forget to Like and share this video to spread the word and raise awareness.  Kids get cancer too.

Have a fabulous day!