Monday, January 26, 2015

Color Coded Planner Labels - Using Your Printer To Create Customized Planner Labels

A few weeks ago, I shared my planner (you can see that post by clicking HERE).  Since then, I've gotten several requests to show how I use my printer to color code my labels.  I've put together a quick video tutorial for you!

I use the Avery 5418 Removable labels to color code appointments, kids' activities, work and blog information in my planner.  I use my printer to make my entire sheet of Avery labels that color that I want.  You can save them on your computer so you don't have to create them every time you need more.

If you don't want to waste your printer ink, you can also use a highlighter or marker to color code your labels.  This will allow you the freedom to do just a couple at a time as well.

I'll also show you quickly how to download the templates for the Avery labels, so that you can type in text on the labels as well.

I've linked all of my planner products below!

Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope this helps you out!  And I hope you have a fabulous (well organized) day!

Watch The Video

Watch this video in HD over at YouTube by clicking HERE.





  1. This is really helpful for those of us who might want to print labels for planners! THANKS!

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