Cards for Soldiers

On Friday, I decided to help my friend with a project. She is head of an operation called Creating A Cozy Christmas. Her and her students are making blankets and handmade cards for soldiers in Afghanistan for Christmas. Here it is, Sunday night, and I'm already done! Wow! 40 cards for soldiers who will be away from home for Christmas. I really enjoyed doing this. I appreciate our soldiers and their sacrifice. I hope they have a very Merry Christmas and know that they are thought of and prayed for often!

I wasn't expecting to be done with this so soon. It was so funny. Friday, my husband came home from work, and I had moved my crafting into the kitchen. My craft room was such a mess, I couldn't even cut my cardstock in there! I woke up early morning to clean my room back up, so that I could give the kitchen back its rightful purpose.

Here are some tips for mass producing.
1. Design first. Figure out what you are going to make.
2. Cut it out! Cut all the pieces that you need. Get them stacked and organized. Assemble your stamp pads and supplies. I like to use plastic bins to keep the pieces for each project. A Ziploc bag would work just fine too!
3. Stamp it up! Do all the stamping.
4. Stick it out! You are almost there. Now you just have to stick it all together!
5. Break it down! You don't have to do it all in one sitting. Do little bits at time to make it more enjoyable. I did these cards in about 3 different phases over the weekend.

Now, it's up to you. I can show you the "step by step" approach to these cards and "kick it up a notch", or I can do some completely new designs. It's up to you! You can vote here, or at my YouTube channel.

I always enjoy your comments! 

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