Yuletide Christmas

I have had an amazingly productive week. I haven't gotten much crafting done, but I have gotten a lot of other things done. My house is clean and decorated for Christmas. I wish it could look like this all the time. I have a feeling that when I return to school next week, the whirlwind will hit and it will quickly look disheveled. It has been a good week. I really needed the break from school to catch my breath and tend to mommy things...which are never done. I did actually say out loud this week that I really miss my stay at home mommy days. The good news is that I only have a couple weeks left in this semester and I will be done with the first semester of the nursing program. Three more to go.

Today we are off to my in-laws for another Thanksgiving feast. I tried to call it dinner the other day and Elliot, my five year old daughter, informed me that, "It is called a FEAST!" 

Here is the next of my soldier cards. I used the Yuletide Christmas stamp set to create this card. I hope you enjoy your day!