Haunted House Milk Carton

I wanted to share this fun project with you.  This is one of the videos I have prepared.  I thought I would give you a sneak peak while I am working on uploading the video.  This was made with the Sizzix Mini Milk Carton die, which is a Stampin Up exclusive.  I was inspired by my friend Breanne and  Angie's birdhouse project to make this project. 

On a more personal note, school is going well.  I have completed one of two five week clinical rotations for the semester.  The second starts on Tuesday of this week.  I will be done with my clinical rotations by the end of October, which means I will only be in school one day a week for November and December.  I am especially excited about that because I will have lots of time to work on Christmas projects, do Christmas shopping and really enjoy the holiday season this year.  I love Thanksgiving and Christmas!  It's the most wonderful time of the year.

We also started back to softball last night.  My husband and I play on a co-ed team together and he also plays on a men's softball team that are mostly guys from our church.  Our Friday nights will be spent at the field.  We won our first game last night...and I managed to hurt my shoulder.

I am still working on my running for the 10K at the end of October.  Running is a lot of work.  And while I say I hate every moment of it, there is a certain satisfaction that I get knowing I've just ran several miles.

I hope you find some time to relax this weekend.  I am currently in my craft haven, working on some ideas for Christmas presents.  I love it!  Enjoy your day! 

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