Pleated Flower Tutorial

Here is a quick video for you, showing you how to make the flowers shown in the Stampin Up catalog on page 123. It is a really simple and quick process. I had a customer request instructions on this. They would make great decorations on gift bags, cards, tables and packages. 

My kids went back to school today, so it's been a busy day. The good news is that they both really like their teachers. The bad news is they both came home with HUGE packets of paper that has to be filled out. When are they going to computerize this process? It's just ridiculous! Oh well. Here we go again. Another school year is under way.

Enjoy your day! I have some fun videos coming up soon. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for watching. Be sure to rate, comment and subscribe. I love to read comments!

Tim AndersonComment