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Hello everyone! I got an email today asking me where I have been. It's kind of a crazy story (or maybe just average, but it's been crazy here). I thought when summer rolled around I would have more time to make some videos...and I bet you thought so too!

About a week and a half ago, I decided to clean my craft room. Well, that craft room cleaning turned into a full on craft room re-do. I have torn my entire craft room apart, and I almost have it put back together. I have repainted, searched the world over for the perfect craft room furniture, bought it, put it together, rearranged...the list goes on and on.

Then, on Thursday of last week, my husband and I left for a getaway in Lake Tahoe with our friends (you may remember Breanne from my CHA video). All of the kids stayed with their grandparents, and we had a relaxing weekend. I watched two movies while we were gone. I hardly ever sit still long enough to watch a movie. On the second night, it was decided that I am no longer allowed to choose the movies (the picture on the front looked good and it has Jennifer Aniston in it, so I thought it would be good). At least we had ice cream to keep us entertained during that movie.

We are in our way home from Tahoe right now. I convinced my husband to let me stop at Ikea on the way home to find the last little bits to complete my craft room. He is such a good sport! The closest Ikea to my house is three hours away, so I don't get to go very often. We are about three hours from home now. I have a video on my "list". It shouldn't be too long and I'll be "back in business". I'm thrilled with the way the re-do is going and I honestly can't wait to get in there and use the room I have worked so hard to put together. Thanks for asking where I've been (you know who you are), it makes me feel good to know you've missed me!

Enjoy your day! 

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