Merry Christmas Washi Tape Card

Hi everyone!  It's raining here!  I love the rain.  It's a great excuse to stay inside.  The weather is finally cooling down here and I'm so ready for cool weather...and days of drinking coffee while crafting.  When the cooler weather starts rolling in...I go straight to thoughts of Christmas {it IS the most wonderful time of the year, after all}. 

This week, I have a Christmas card for you.  It's not too early to break out those supplies and start making some Christmas cards for your stash.  And this card happens to be super easy to mass produce. I even decided to go back and make its sister, the tag version.

I must admit, it took me a bit to figure out the best way to coat this die cut.  I tried adhering it to a piece of scratch paper, but it ended up sticking to the paper.  In the end, the solution was as simple as a pair of tweezers. 

"What's the difference between Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel or UTEE and regular clear embossing powder?"  I have a feeling several of you are going to ask this I thought I'd include the answer here for the seekers among you.  Clear embossing powder is very fine and is great for embossing your stamped images.  You could probably even coat something with it and achieve a shiny effect.  UTEE on the other hand is a very grainy embossing medium...almost like a course ground salt in consistency.  You wouldn't be able to emboss stamped images with it but it is great for creating a very dimensional, very glossy coating.  You could achieve a similar effect with Crystal Effects, however, with the UTEE, once it's heat set, there's no dry time.

I have a video below showing you the entire creation of this card, as well as links to the supplies used.

Enjoy and have a wonderfully merry day!


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