More Craft Room Organization

Hi everyone!  Welcome back to my craft room.  In my past videos, I have't addressed the wall unit that sits right behind my crafting table...and I've received quite a few questions about it.  I thought I would share a quick video about that unit and offer some more organizational tips.

Here are a few quick tips for you to think about when shopping for craft room furniture.

1.  Find something with adjustable shelves.  Adjustable shelves let you change the layout of your unit as your crafting needs change.

2.  Think vertical.  This unit is very tall...but not too deep.  It gives me a lot of storage space while taking up very little floor space in my small craft room.

3.  Find a unit that lets you store multiple types of items.  In this video, you'll see that I have stamps, Cricut cartridges, markers and accessories all on the same unit. 

4.  Put like items together.  Stamps, cartridges, ribbons....they are all grouped together in my craft room.  If I need to find stamps...I know exactly where to go.  If I need to find ribbon, I know exactly where to go.  This saves valuable time.

5.  Make it pleasing to the eye.  I chose white baskets in this unit because it keeps the overall look of the unit clean and fresh...which is pleasing to my eye.  Things that can look "cluttery" are tucked in baskets on the shelves or placed on lower shelves to get them out of my eye line.

Do you have questions about how to store things?  Is there a problem area in your craft room?  Let's hear about it.  I would love to do more videos on craft room organization.

I have a video above showing how I've used this unit in my room.  Enjoy and have day full of fabulous!


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